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A Fond Farewell to Sarahphina’s Finds (For Now)

21 Jun

Friends, lovers, human beings all–

I’ve decided, for the time being, to abandon my weekly Sarahphina’s Finds post.  I have come to the realization that I need to dedicate more of my time to seeking out writing gigs that will pay me, you know, money, and I’m gonna try to get my voice out on all kinds of platforms.  BUT FEAR NOT.  You  may have noticed that I’ve basically abandoned my Twitter account over the past few months.  It became a hassle rather than a fun thing, and I let it slide (plus, I have to say that I prefer Facebook to Twitter–call me old-fashioned).  Well, kids, NO MORE OF THAT.  I’m gonna keep all y’all posted on the awesome stuff I find on the Internet but TWEETING it.  So while the weekly post may be gone, Sarahphina will continue to Find.

Love, peace and dollar bills (y’all),



Sarahphina’s Finds (6-14-13): Recipe for a Needed Night In Edition

14 Jun

Use whenever you need a fresher tomorrow.


One BATH, as hot as you like it.  Add oil, bubbles, salts as necessary.

One PAIR OF PAJAMAS (hint:  Quality is important–use your favorite pair).

One part FAVORITE CHILL-OUT MOVIE.  Watch until eyelids become heavy.

One part CHAMOMILE TEA.  Mint or other herbal can be substituted for chamomile.

One whole KITTY, as garnish.

NOT PICTURED:  Bad Kitty who can't sit still.

NOT PICTURED: Bad Kitty who can’t sit still.

Sarahphina’s Finds (6-7-13): Spooky Stories and Summer Culture Edition

7 Jun

Hey Kids.   Here’s some stuff I liked this week.

  • I have rediscovered SWIMMING.  It’s fun, and it’s one hell of a workout.  PUT ON YOUR BIKINI AND GET IN THE POOL, YO!
  • Do you like spooky stories?  I know, me too.  I was inspired this week to pick up Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery and Other Stories.”  From the humorous to the horrific, these stories get under your skin and into your brain.  I read Jackson’s novel We Have Always Lived in the Castle (recommended here) earlier this year, which is a great summer read.  If you like spooky for summer.
  • If you’re a Thrift Store Lovah, be sure to check out Red Fox Vintage on Killingsworth.  Vintage dresses to jewelry to hippie peasant skirts to art and knick-knacks.  You will not leave this place sans awesome trinket or treasure.
  • If you’re a Portlander who is into theatre, you have a lot of awesome options.  Aloha Say the Pretty Girls at Theatre Vertigo and Disassembly at Action/Adventure are both EXCELLENT, and both close this weekend.  Badass Theatre’s Invasion opens this weekend and promises to be fantastic, and I hear awesome things about Third Rail’s A Bright New Boise and ART‘s IthakaPortland Playhouse’s The Left Hand of Darkness continues to sell out.  Go out and get cultured!

That’s it for now! I gotta go frolic in the sunshine and watch some plays.



Sarahphina’s Finds (5-24-13): Earbud Edition

25 May

Dear Friends:  This was supposed to publish yesterday!  I hit the button and dashed out the door and only realized TODAY that it never posted.  I may be a day late (and a dollar short?), but here’s YESTERDAY’S edition of Sarahphina’s Finds.  xoxo


About three months ago, I put a call out to FBook to recommend the very best podcasts.  And my Friends (Facebook Friends get a capital “F”) responded. Man-oh-man, did they respond.  I have now fallen in love with several badass podcasts.  If I’m doing any kind of data-entry related activity, I’m listening to a podcast.  If I’m going for an early morning walk, I’m listening to a podcast.  If I’m in the car, I freaking guarantee I’m listening to a podcast.  And so, from my earbuds to yours, I’m happy to present my favorite podcasts.  Saving the best for last:

10.  Q: The Podcast:  Interesting, diverse guests and thoughtful conversation.  Plus, Jian Ghomeshi is a total babe.

9. Stuff You Missed in History Class:  Ok, I’m not nuts about the hosts (sorry, ladies!), but this podcast feeds my hunger for history.

8. TED Radio Hour:  An hour-long (duh) program focusing on a single topic or theme using various TED talks that touch on that theme.

7. RadioLab:  This one was voted MVP (Most Valuable Podcast) by my Facebook pals.  The recent it’s not higher on my list?  It only runs a few episodes a season!  My habit needs weekly feeding.  But you’re a chump if you don’t subscribe to it.  The topics are utterly compelling and the style is engaging.

6. Wait Wait, Don’t Tell Me:  If you like your news with a spoonful of cheeky, family-appropriate comedy, check out this NPR gem of a quiz show.

5. Political Gabfest:  So. is one of my daily online reads.  I am always intrigued by the topics they write on (and the stances they take), even when I don’t agree.  The trinity of David Plotz, Emily Bazelon and John Dickerson always provides compelling dialogue on the political happenings of our time while remaining charming and personable.

4.  Savage Lovecast:  Ah, Dan Savage.  My favorite politically-minded sex advice columnist.  Listening to him give advice on all SORTS of issues is my weekly guilty pleasure.  Because let’s be honest–we all like hearing about other people’s sex and relationship woes, right?  Or is it just me?  Whatever, I’m not ashamed.  I listened to Loveline in the 90s, and I”ll listen to Savage Lovecast now (also, Savage is WAY BETTER than Loveline)(Also, did you know Loveline is still on?).

3. Snap Judgement:  A youthful and energetic storytelling podcast that focuses on personal stories around a given theme.

2.  Double X Gabfest:  The ladies of Slate are my favorite.  This supersmart podcast tackles  feminism, gender and sexuality in society and culture.  They’re smart, engaging and dynamic, and sometimes I pretend they’re my friends.  Especially Noreen.

1.  This American Life.  My favorite podcast, the one I look forward to all week.  One to four “acts” (stories) exploring various angles on a given theme or issue in, well, American life.  Narrated by Ira Glass, who is totally boss.  I listen to this show to expand my views past the limited range of my own experience.  It’s not just entertaining, it’s important.

That’s it, kids!  If you have a podcast that you LOVE that isn’t on this list, lemme know!  I’m always looking for more!

Backlit and earbud-ed

Backlit and earbud-ed

Sarahphina’s Finds (5-17-13): Lilac-scented Edition.

17 May

Hey everyone!  It’s Friday!  Here’s some stuff I dug this week.  You can dig it, too!


  • I’m not normally an American Apparel girl, but this dress in Marigold is totally lush.  I’m such a sucker for lace anything, especially when it’s the COLOR OF SUNSHINE.
  • And speaking of lace, I’m also nuts for this lace skirt by Rhyme Los Angeles.  Although the day I will spend $89 bucks on a skirt will probably be the day the world ends.
But it's so pretty.

But it’s so pretty.

  • The lilacs are blooming, which makes every trip from my front door to my car like a picnic for my nose.
  • Last Sunday was Mother’s Day (duh), and I went shopping with my Mom in Centralia.  I got new shoes, a new electric kettle (my old one died tragically) and some unmentionables at the Outlet Malls.  (So I just tried to find a link to a picture of the shoes, and I could not find them.  On the WHOLE INTERNET.  Maybe it’s why they were at an outlet store? Whatevs, they’re cute.)
  • This is my Mom and I on Mother’s Day.  These pictures were taken in a McDonalds, because we are the classiest.

Mother's Day 2013 1 Mother's Day 2013 2 Mother's Day 2013 3

And that’s it!  I wish you all a lovely, lilac-sceneted weekend!




Sarahphina’s Finds (5-10-13): Simple Pleasures Edition

10 May

Happy Hot Friday, loves!

Straight to the point.  Today’s post is dedicated to little things that have warmed my heart and made me smile this week.

  • Serendipitous happenings.  This happened to me yesterday.  I walked into a coffee shop (Tula on MLK, if you’re a local.  Iced coffee is divine) and heard some super awesome music playing.  I risked speaking to the impossibly attractive baristas who work there and asked if they could tell me who it was.  An adorable boy in glasses bounded up and said it was Laura Stevenson and the Cans–a NY based group that was playing the Doug Fir that night.  So I went to her show.  Because fate, right?  Check out her video for “The Healthy One.”
  • Delicious beverages.  My writing today is lubricated by a delicious mango bubble tea with coconut jellies and tapioca from Fat Straw.  It tastes like sunshine.  Exactly like sunshine.
  • Finding a new book to love!  I’m almost done with Christopher Moore’s Sacre Bleu! and it’s delightful.  I grew up adoring the impressionists, and this book is a delightful 19th century Parisian art love-fest romp.
  • Flowers in my hair.


  • Flowers in the garden!  My first rose of the year.


  • Watching King of the Hill ( I know, we’re stuck in the 90s) cuddled on the couch after a long day.
  • Watermelon!
  • Dr. Who.  I’m in the third season and I’m totally, totally hooked. I haven’t loved a show this hard since Buffy.  And that is saying something.

Yeah.  I’m feeling pretty content today.

Wishing all you moms out there a Happy Mother’s Day this weekend, and I’ll be back on Monday!



Sarahphina’s finds (5-3-13): MOVE YOUR ASS Edition.

3 May

So I’m trying to be healthier about stuff.  Ugh.  I know, how boring.  Luckily for you and me, there are sneaky tricks and fun products to make boring things like water and greens and exercise more exciting.  Let’s go.

  • Play hide-the-kale.  So.  Kale is gross.  Anyone who says otherwise is a liar liar pants on fire.  Still, the internet and people on TV tell me that kale is “good for me,” so I’m trying to eat more of it.  A kale salad can be refreshing, with the right dressing and accoutrements (have you tried the All Hail, Kale salad at Veggie Grill?  Because YUM), but crafting the perfect kale salad is something I’ve yet to accomplish in my own kitchen.  But I have learned the glory that is kale chips.  They’re like salty delicious thin thin thin potato chips….only they’re made of of leafy greens!  WHAT THE WHAT?!  I also try to be sneaky and cram kale into smoothies, where I can’t taste it.  Kale, blueberries, 1/2 a banana, 1/2 an apple and almond milk is DELICIOUS.

    Is there something in my teeth?

    Is there something in my teeth?

  • Get a funky water bottle.  Slamming H2O is easier when you have a bangin’ water bottle.  I adore these glass bottles from Lifefactory, My Lifefactory bottle, may it rest in peace, was the best water bottle I ever owned.  Machine washable.  And unlike plastic or aluminum bottles, my water always tasted fresh and clean, and I could toss in lemons or limes or iced tea or even iced coffee without worrying how I would get the taste out.  They are glass and therefore not industructable (mine died a cruel death on the pavement, alas), but the silicone sleeve keeps them protected from normal wear-and-tear type damage.
  • Rock booty-caressing yoga bottoms.  Ok.  These Mossimo pants show such amazing love to my rear bumper that I love wearing them.  My community center yoga studio has mirrors, too, so I can shoot an appreciative look at my exquisite heinie as I downward dog.  And they’re 15 bucks!!!
  • Treat yourself to a scented relaxation bath.  I adore Dr. Teal’s Epsom Salt Soaking Solution in Lavender after a long day.  The epsom salts soothe aching or tense muscles, and the delicious lavender scent clears my head and takes me to the Provencal lavender fields in my mind.
  • Listen to Queen.  So.  Queen is probably the best band of all time, right?  That’s hypothetical, because OF COURSE Queen is the best band of all time.  Well, Queen also happens to be the best band ever to work out to.  I click on my “Couch 2 5K” iPhone app, crank up the Queen, and running becomes almost enjoyable, rather than the soul-sucking torture it used to be.

Bam.  Healthier.

On an unrelated note, I will no longer be writing weekend posts.  I know!  I suck.  But my schedule is so nutzoid right now that it’s really  not possible. Therefore, go get your bangin’ weekend on, and I’ll be back on Monday!  Woot!