Adventures in Bridesmaiding

5 Oct

A few years ago, my dear friend Lindsay moved to India.  She’d traveled there before, fallen in love with an Indian man, and decided to just freaking go for it.  I was really, really sad when she left–but had to tip my hat to her.  I mean, talk about balls.  They planned to return to the US to marry, but various bureaucratic BS kept that happening.  Last year, she and Sanjay married in India.  I devoured the photos on Facebook.  I was sad not to be there, but thrilled to see how effing happy she looked.

But it all worked out in the end, because in September Lindsay brought Sanjay to the good ole US of A to meet her family and friends and get themselves hitched in their US wedding.  It was LITERALLY the event we’d all been waiting for.  We’d waited TWO WHOLE YEARS to celebrate this pair in the US. And folks, it did not disappoint!

Lindsay and Sanjay wed at OMSI in a beautiful ceremony that blended Hindu and American traditions.  And I was honored to serve as one of her bridesmaids.

And this was not just a one-day affair.  Oh no, it was a THREE DAY LOVEFEST of JOY.  Here’s how it went down.

Day 1: Henna Party/Bachelor Party

Thursday night the gentlemen vacated the house for the bachelor party (which included the youngest male member of the wedding party, the ring bearer, who got to have as much root beer as he wanted that night), and Linds brought in a henna artist.  Melanie did BEAUTIFUL bridal henna for Lindsay, with fun designs for the rest of the ladies as well.  Oh, and there was food.  There was a lot of food, all three days.

Day 2: Rehearsal/Rehearsal dinner

Friday was the rehearsal, at OMSI.  We met the officiant and went through the whole shebang.  When that was done, we went back to home base for food.  AND CAKE!  The bride’s niece turned 11 that day, and we took a wedding break to celebrate her.  She had gifts, and her mom (bride’s sister) made an amazing cake.  Best part?  The niece wore a tee shirt that said “she may be the bride, but I’m the birthday girl.”

Day 3, Part 1:  WEDDING DAY/Getting ready

The next day, I was up at the crack of freaking dawn (ok, it was 7:30) to get my hair blown out and flat-ironed.  Folks, I’m a loud and proud curly girl, and it has been ALMOST 4 YEARS since my hair has seen a straightening iron.  But I decided it would be a fun look to do for the wedding.  My pal/stylist Jamie did a KILLER job and I had a great time as my straight-haired evil doppelganger.



Then it was time for a quick lunch before heading to the hotel to get ready with the rest of the bridal party and the bride!

Linds has brought all of us beautiful, jewel toned saris and jewelry to wear for the wedding.  Here’s the thing–putting on a sari is a tricky thing if you’re not used to it.  I tried to teach myself via YouTube video, but quickly gave that up.  So before we could dress her, she had to dress all of us.

After we were all set, we got to business and got the bride ready. She looked amazing in a Western white wedding dress paired with jewelry she brought with her from India.  And then we were off to OMSI to get this wedding stuff DONE.


Finally, it was time.  The ceremony was a beautiful fusion of elements from her culture and elements from his.  The couple exchanged vows and kissed at the end, but also incorporated the saptapadi (7 step ritual) as the bridesmaids and groomsmen threw flowers.  The bridesmaids tried to get the flower petals down Lindsay’s top, because we are classy.  After the ceremony, we posed for photos before going inside and partying down.  It was glorious.  There was a ton of dancing, with a special performance by the bride herself.  It should be mentioned that the bride had THREE costumes, because  after waiting 2 years for her stateside wedding, a girl should get to be a little Beyonce.  Oh, and there was more food.  And cake.  And Ashley (maid of honor) made her famous red velvet whoopie pies.

The Aftermath

I got to see Linds and Sanjay one more time before they returned to India.

I’m a little broken hearted, but it’s bittersweet.  They’re so, so happy–which makes me so, so happy.  And I earned a year’s worth of killer memories in those 3 short days.  It was just really effing special.

So congrats, Lindsay and Sanjay.  You are loved, on both sides of the world.

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